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I take great pleasure in introducing you to Rostov-na-Donu, a region of unlimited possibilities,rich traditions and hard-working and hospitable people.
Rostov-na-Donu city is the capital of southern Russia with a population 1.5 million. It is one of the largest cities in the Russian Federation and is the political, economic and cultural center of southern Russia.

Located in 65 kilometers from the mouth of the Don River on the Azov Sea, Rostov is at the center of transportation arteries. It has outlets to the three seas - the Black Sea, the Azov and the Caspian - and direct contacts with all European ports of the CIS, the Caucuses, the Middle East and the Mediterranean. Each year its railway terminals handle 14.1 million tones of freight while 6 million tonnes pass through the river port. Rostov's international airport provides connections to 115 destinations, both around Russia and to foreign countries.
Rostov-na-Donu is a large industrial center. Investment in the city's industry, which banks on the available power, technological effectiveness and highly organized production at the city's base enterprises, can yeld significant results and provide return of investment in a short time. The Economics of Rostov-na-Donu city opens up a wide range of business partnership possibilities. The city has recently begun implementing a programm of investment loans from the World Bank with development concentrating on three areas: transport, housing construction, and social projects.
Rostov-na-Donu is also a large educational and scientific center for the North Caucases. More than 115.000 people study at its educational institutions. Rostov State University, one of the leading Russian higher education institutions, is in the city.
Rostov-na-Donu also boasts 20 research and 55 theoretical institutes, 21 construction bureaux, 4 scientific production associations and 100 scientific laboratories.