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                      Felix Movsesjan                              
pr. 40 let Pobeda 69/4 apt.77 Rostov-na-Donu  344111 Russia

+7 (8632) 573055

   Translation - economics and machinery
                            1. German and English to Russian                   
                                2. Russian to German and English                         
                3. German to English, English to German

Internetjob for the best use of my skills.


Director of "ENERGOPLAST"
Managment of plasticfactory.                                              (8/08/1992-present time)

Older scientific collaborator.
University of Rostov: economics investigations
of contemporary kinds of plasticproduction.                   (08/08/76-08/08/1992)

Scientific collaborator.
University of Rostov:scientific-investigation economical laboratory
 of contemporary kinds of production.                             (01/01/68-08/08/76)